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Letters of Support for President of Beauty

“I have been watching clips of “President of Beauty” with a mounting sense of

anticipation and excitement. Ferrini has thought long and hard about his subject,

Lester Young, and for many, many years.” – Ammiel Alcalay

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“Mr. Ferrini’s awareness of this very simple but profound fact

reveals an impressive understanding of the subject on his part.

His use of Young’s last interview, available on audiotape, as a narrative

device provides the saxophonist’s own commentary on his life and gives

the project a rare authenticity.”

– Douglas Henry Daniels

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“Ferrini is renowned for his “poetic style..brilliant filmwork in such

documentaries as Polis is This: Charles Olson and the Persistence of Place

(on the poet Charles Olson), a documentary on the writer Jack Kerouac,

and others, provide ample proof of the superb artistic merit of Ferrini’s film making.”

-Ed Sanders

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“The poignant and imaginative telling of the life and times of Lester Young

will create a space for a vigorous discussion about the impact of art on society…

Henry has the unique ability to take biographical and ethnographic information

and weave a tapestry of images and multi-layered sound that transcend being

merely an account of someone’s life. His films become a visceral experience of the human spirit.”  

– Susanne Rostock

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  1. Congratulations on your work in presenting a documentary on the most important and original jazz musician of the 20th century. Pres has always been my idol, more then any other great jazz musician. It’s about time we truly realize his level of importance and that contemporary jazz simply wouldn’t exist as we know it today without the monumental bravery of Pres, bursting on the scene with a savory combination of elegant, sculpted lines and deep swing. It’s also important for people to realize that, despite his body deteriorating in his later years, Pres was always making deep music, till his body gave out on him and he left us.

    • Smith, I saw a review by Ken Vermes of you gig last June. Thanks for your comment on the film. I’d like to hear your Pres Kids. I believe Ken is brother of a old friend of mine. Anyhow, as a presophile, I want to ask if you know others? I’m writing an NEA to get the money to shoot in NOLA, Woodville, KC, Minneapolis,LA and Paris. I’m asking for 20K I will have to match that 20 and I plan on doing a Kickstarter. I’m trying to get contact with people who want to help. Anyhow, love to talk to you about Lester some time. How you came to him. Saw you had Tootie as a teacher. Had a great interview with him a few years back on Lester. Contact me at if you like. all best, henry

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