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I am using this funding to create a website that will become a portal to the film. I want to connect to fans who love Lester Young’s music. What better way than by showing some of the great stuff I’m been working on. If you are reading this, consider yourself part of my core audience. I hope this site is convincing enough motivate you to support this project. Together we can make this film.

2010 has got off to a good start for the film. I’ve been fortunate to be the recipient of the Morroe Berger – Benny Carter Jazz Research grant from the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University. I am using the funds to build this site. My goal is to persuade 1000 folks to donate $50 or more to the project. Your support will allow me to collect the material I need to tell this story. First on my agenda is to continue with the interviews. Today Joe Lovano agreed to talk to me. Other people I want to speak with include: Johnny Otis, Horace Silver, Frank Wess, Dr. Billy Taylor, Gary Bartz, Sonny Rollins (who knows about the project and is will talk to me) George Wein, Yusef Latef, Benny Golson, Freddy Redd, Ray Bryant, Bill Traglia, Roy Haynes, Tootie Heath, Wayne Shorter, Amiri Baraka, Gary Giddons, and Douglas Daniels. Lewis Porter is an advisor to the film and has been giving the project considerable help.

The funding will enable me to make steady progress. The next phase will be to take this material, much of what you will see on the site, and assemble it into a trailer so compelling that I can take it to Clint Eastwood or Danny Glover for completion funds. Both these men have an interest in Lester Young.

Encouraging note from Mr. Eastwood

That’s the plan. I’ve received one donation already, 999 to go. In exchange for you support you will get a copy of the completed DVD (or whatever the format is when completed). You will also be listed as a supporter in the end credits.

If you have any questions, please write.


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